Watch the Webinar! Hotel California: Can the Public Cloud Hold Your Data Hostage?

Watch DSM founder and CEO David Robinson's presentation on how to avoid the trap of "Hotel California" - providers:

  • The shift from public to private clouds, also known as cloud repatriation
  • How some cloud providers can hold your data hostage by demanding large amounts of money or returning it in an unusable format
  • The policies of cloud heavyweights such as Azure and AWS
  • How to avoid the trap of “Hotel California”-providers
  • The advantages of a private cloud
  • And much more

David Robinson,DSM founder and CEO

By successfully launching 15 companies using DSM as a platform, David is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. His ventures have taken him to no less than six continents, and have made him an integral part of the Florida High Tech Corridor, where he serves as a council member alongside executives from USF, UCF, FIT, Duke Energy, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Moffitt Cancer Center, and others.