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DSM Enhances IT Infrastructure of Florida Law Firm Hill and Ponton

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    IT Health Assessment SPIFF

    Earn up to $1000 extra cash simply by recommending better security for your customers!

    With this exclusive partnership between DSM & TelAdvocate, you can earn cash while your customers gain an X-Ray vision into the health of their I.T. setup.

    What is it?

    An affordable IT assessment that covers Security, Operations, Availability and Recovery that will show gaps and provide strategic guidance on risk mitigation.


    Why Should I Care?

    • $100 Amazon Gift card for each assessment

    • For 5 paid engagements an additional $500 Amazon gift card

    • Opportunity to make more money by upselling DSM solutions

    How Do I Qualify?                                                                                                  

    • Leverage your relationship with the C-Suite or other decision makers
    • Find clients with 25 + Users
    • Find clients that are a current TelAdvocate Customer

    Pricing (for your client)

    • $1,000 per virtual assessment engagement

    What would intrigue a client?

    1. Recent downtime
    2. Security incident (hacking, ransomware, etc.)
    3. Performance problems
    4. Compliance concerns
    5. Aging infrastructure
    6. Evaluating technology options


    • 2 weeks for a deliverable after start date
    • Virtual Assessment conducted remotely
    • Kick-off call: engage teams, and discuss specifics for successful assessment

    Requirements for DSM to start assessment:

    1. Questionnaire
    2. Start scans immediately following
    3. Credentials needed

    Lead Registration Form: