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DSM Services

In IT, one size doesn't always fit all; that's why we provide our clients with the choice to utilize as many, or as few, of the services that we offer. 

VMware Cloud Foundation

DSM offers a VMware vCloud Director built with VMware Cloud Foundation to provide flexible Infrastructure as a Service. VMware Cloud Foundation enables an integrated software stack that bundles compute virtualization and network virtualization, along with enterprise grade storage with intrinsic security into a single platform, providing clients increased business agility and greater security to run their business applications. The platform also makes it very convenient for clients with existing vSphere or Hyper-V VMs to seamlessly migrate to DSM’s cloud hosting solution.

This unique cloud deployment model provides clients with all the benefits of private cloud services, as well as the low latency and close physical proximity of a trusted provider that has served the State of Florida for nearly a decade. Your enterprise-quality IT system will be supported and maintained in our secure, highly redundant data centers. We meet almost any compliance requirement, and we’ll help ensure your uptime.





Trust your data to DSM’s Disaster Recovery services and we’ll ensure it survives hurricanes, floods, power outages, hard drive failures, malware attacks, and other serious disruptions. Under our managed cloud recovery system, we replicate your data around the clock so that when disaster strikes, your team can pick up right where they left off. DSM has integrated a robust, offsite replication solution leveraging Zerto and Veeam. DSM’s DRaaS solution ensures clients’ high availability of production workloads by having industry-leading RTOs and RPOs to quickly restore compromised workloads.

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DSM's Data Protection as a Service provides backup and restore capabilities of your data that are crucial to your business stability, such as physical, virtual, NAS, office 365, etc. DSM protects your data wherever you store it: on-site, off-site, in the private or public cloud, and even hybrid environments. For systems of all sizes, DSM ensures ready, reliable access to your essential data. DSM delivers a highly integrated data protection solution that seamlessly replicates data into Private or Public for true high availability and geo-diversity. This means that regardless of their requirements, clients can maintain their custom retention policies.  DSM’s DPaaS offering can also be delivered as a managed service.

Government DPaaS CJIS DPaaS



DSM’s Azure Public Cloud enables clients to run core production business applications on an elastic, on-demand public cloud infrastructure. Public Cloud allows you to focus on the application, and not the underlying infrastructure that supports your application. DSM’s Azure Public Cloud allows you to deploy workloads through an easy to use web portal as well as an open, well documented API set. Ideal workloads for Azure Public Cloud would be cloud native applications. DSM’s cloud analytics tools will help determine the optimal Memory, CPU, and Storage Tier for clients’ needs. The virtualization layer is maintained by Microsoft Azure, with DSM providing reporting and analytics to ensure the Client’s resource usage meets agreed-upon service levels.

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DSM’s Colocation Services enable clients to locate their IT infrastructure hardware in one or more of DSM’s secure Data Centers, providing a secure, managed, maintained environment for critical business systems. Under this arrangement, DSM provides power, connectivity, security, HVAC, and a menu of cabinet, suite, and storage options. DSM’s colocation services help ensure security, compliance, and uptime, and offer access to a full suite of DSM ancillary services, including — but not limited to — bandwidth, disaster recovery, backups, and data replication. DSM’s certified network of secure Data Centers have been custom-built to protect client data, and are certified for highly sensitive government data. DSM’s on-site professional staff provides 24x7x365 peace of mind that client critical infrastructure is safe. Additionally, DSM’s colocation and cloud offerings can be paired together, enhancing both services. 

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DSM’s Hybrid Cloud services help you optimize a combination of cloud technologies to run complex varieties of applications. Some elements of your workload may run best on your premises or in the Public Cloud (such as Azure), while others need the power and flexibility of a Virtual Private Cloud, while still others require the security of a Private Cloud. We’ll assess your situation and help run your workloads to most effectively meet your objectives for performance, compliance, security, and budget. DSM’s cloud analytics tools will help determine the optimal Memory, CPU, and Storage Tier for clients’ needs. All VMware and Operating System licensing is included. DSM will provide reporting and analytics to ensure the Client’s resource usage meets agreed-upon service levels.

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Managed IT Services

DSM's Managed IT Services enables you to focus on running your business rather than the technology that supports it. Our proactive managed services options enable the client to outsource all, or part, of their IT support needs. You delegate your operational and support duties to DSM, and we keep your infrastructure up-to-date and at peak performance.

We support your infrastructure whether it is located on your premises or in the Cloud. Services available include Core IT Infrastructure Services, vCIO Services, and Client Services. Our team provides 24x7 system monitoring and assigns a dedicated vCIO who assists in strategic planning and budgeting decisions. DSM’s Managed Services enable clients to outsource IT support needs, allowing them to greatly reduce the overall IT maintenance cost structure, while also improving their internal customer experience.

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Security Offerings

DSM’s Security services protect your company’s—and your clients’—sensitive data from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. We restrict and monitor access to your infrastructure and data, preventing attacks and responding quickly to resolve identified threats. We help ensure the continuity of your business operations.