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DSM Enhances IT Infrastructure of Florida Law Firm Hill and Ponton

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    2-Columns Right

    The 2 Column Right layout is often used for pages with CTAs and related content on the right


    Frankie Majowich


    Great for content pages that lead to more discovery

    Frankie Majowich

    Don’t bloat it though. Make sure that everything you put in the right column is both relevant and necessary for your buyer to continue with his discovery. Do not waste space in this column with social media follow-me widgets, or company information, or other random irrelevant stuff. Even the blog subscribe module is too much for the page, unless this page talks about your approach to blogging (still we put it here in this template to illustrate it can be done).

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    Call To Action Placement

    The call to action in this layout can be placed right side column. On mobile, the entire right column will move under the content area.

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    New Module

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    Join a private cloud for Florida government offices

    DSM offers a private hosted cloud services for government offices and agencies State of Florida. It’s called My Florida Cloud.

    The service, provided through Florida’s Agency for State Technology (or AST), enables government offices and agencies to buy a pre-approved offering from a carefully vetted service provider.

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