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Virtual Private Cloud

Consider the most flexible, affordable option for your IT needs

You want the most flexible and cost-effective cloud services options available.

  • You’re comfortable with virtualization.
  • You want to pay only for services you use, like a utility.
  • You want the freedom that comes with not buying, building, operating, maintaining, and supporting your own infrastructure.

You want to reduce IT infrastructure cost and increase flexibility.

With DSM’s Virtual Private Cloud services, you eliminate the capital expense of costly IT refresh cycles.

You benefit from DSM’s extensive investment and expertise in the Cloud. Your systems run on a shared infrastructure that DSM owns and operates.

You gain from our economies of scale. You pay only for the services you use. You also get console access to your environment.

For a higher level of control and more customization of your environment, explore DSM’s Private Cloud services.

Get enterprise-grade infrastructure

Compute: HPE or Dell
Storage: HPE 3PAR, optimized for speed.
Networking: Juniper

Shift your expenses from capex to opex budgets

Stop making massive investments to replace or upgrade your infrastructure every few years.

Simplify budgeting and expense forecasting

Make it easier to stay on budget. Break your annual outlay into manageable payments.
Pay a fixed monthly fee, with no surprises.


Simplify your operations

With DSM’s Virtual Private Cloud services, you will:

  • Choose your most cost-effective cloud solution.
  • Stop making a massive reinvestment in infrastructure every few years.
  • Maintain OS-level control in the Cloud.
  • Meet most compliance requirements.
  • Have confidence that the virtualization layer provides the security you need.
  • Create predictability in your IT budget by eliminating unforeseen expenses.

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Easily meet compliance requirements

With DSM’s Virtual Private Cloud service, the virtualization layer provides the assurance you need to meet most compliance requirements.

The service meets CJIS, HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and SSAE16 standards.

Ensure up-time with SLAs

DSM guarantees your uptime of 99.999%.

Get round-the-clock support

You get technical support 24x7x365.
You talk directly to DSM staff. Communication is easy.

“DSM has always been very responsive to our needs and has brought innovative ideas to the table. We have been very pleased with the company and service we have received. They have always been responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Craig W. Vollertsen, Chief Technology Officer Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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