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IT Infrastructure Services

DSM offers a comprehensive portfolio for managing your IT infrastructure.

DSM provides a full range of services for all levels of need and sophistication.

You can:

  • Locate your infrastructure on your premises. We'll help you manage it through our Managed IT Services.
  • Locate your infrastructure in a secure DSM data center.
  • Use DSM's cloud infrastructure through one of our data centers.

Here are brief descriptions of your alternatives:

Private Cloud Icon IT Infrastructure

Private Cloud

With Private Cloud services, DSM designs and implements an environment dedicated exclusively to your organization.
It’s built with best-in-class, enterprise-quality infrastructure, using technologies from HPE and Cisco.
DSM can deliver Private Cloud service on your premises or in one of our secure data centers.

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Virtual Private Cloud

With Virtual Private Cloud services, DSM delivers a VMware-based cloud through our secure data centers. You use this service like a utility. You pay only for what you consume.
You reduce capital expense by not buying, upgrading, and replacing your own infrastructure. You also benefit from our economies of scale.

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Hybrid Cloud

We help you manage applications that span multiple clouds. We help you make use of the optimal cloud technologies, which may involve a multi-cloud strategy.
You make optimal use of the best cloud technologies for the applications you’re running.

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Public Cloud

If you have workloads that can run cost-effectively in the public cloud, you may benefit from the low-cost services of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google.
We help you determine when the public cloud is cost competitive for the workloads you run. Then we manage your public cloud operations for you.
If you decide the public cloud isn’t right for your business needs, we also help you come back from it.

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You own your hardware and you locate it in one or more of DSM’s data centers for security, compliance, and uptime. You can also take advantage of a full suite of DSM ancillary services, including – but not limited to – bandwidth, disaster recovery, backups and data replication. With colocation, you can put yourself on a path to add as many DSM services as you like, including Managed IT Services.

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DSM is certified compliant with:


What To Expect

With DSM, you can expect consistent steps to help you achieve the results you want:

You participate in discussions to identify your challenges and needs.

We engage in a joint discovery process so DSM can scope and architect your custom solution.

DSM creates an execution plan that fits your resources and schedules.

You engage with DSM’s project management team.

Easily meet compliance requirements

With DSM’s Virtual Private Cloud service, the virtualization layer provides the assurance you need to meet most compliance requirements.

The service meets CJIS, HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and SSAE16 standards.

Ensure up-time with SLAs

You get guaranteed of 99.999% uptime.

Get round-the-clock support

You get technical support 24x7x365.
When you need help, you talk directly to DSM staff. Communication is easy.

What to do now?

To explore the details of DSM’s private cloud, take one of these actions now:

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