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Network Disaster Recovery Services

Restore critical IT operations fast

Network Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s an important part of your job to be sure your IT systems can keep your organization running, no matter what type of disaster may bring them down. 

  • After a disaster, you must be back in business fast.
  • Short of a disaster, you also need guaranteed system uptime.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Understand Your Cost of System Downtime

To know how urgently your organization may need disaster recovery services, take a moment to answer these questions:

  • How much does it cost your organization when your IT systems stop working?
  • How much revenue or productivity do you lose?
  • How long could your organization survive without its systems?

Your answers will suggest how much attention you should pay to get your systems running after a failure.


Weigh the possible threats

Systems lose data or stop operating for many reasons: Hurricanes. Floods. Power outages. Internet outages. Hard Drive Failures. Phishing attacks. Malware. Even employees with harmful or criminal intent.

Any of these causes can bring your systems down.

Fortunately, you can quickly overcome all of them with the right disaster recovery services.

Disaster Recovery Costs: Your Choice of the Best DR Service Depends on Four Key Factors:

  • Your budget and your cost of system downtime

  • Your recovery time objectives (or RTO)

  • Your recovery point objectives (or RPO)

  • The location of your production environment


Let DSM design an optimal solution for your needs

We can tailor an effective disaster recovery service to almost any need, any RTO and RPO, and any location.

We’ve solved highly complex recovery challenges. And we’ve met the most demanding business and compliance requirements.

We can even help if your production environment operates in your own data center.


Protect your systems on a tight budget

In the recent past, disaster recovery services were so expensive that only very large organizations could afford them.

Smaller organizations may still be working on the assumption that the cost of disaster recovery is too high for them. So they leave themselves exposed to risk. Unnecessarily.

Now DSM can deliver effective disaster recovery services within budgets that used to be too small for them.

New technologies – and with DSM’s proven methodology – make it possible for smaller organizations to protect critical systems at a reasonable cost.

Today you spend so much money to house and maintain a second site for your recovery infrastructure. But you don’t have to run costly legacy backup applications.

Instead, you can take advantage of DSM’s flexible DR services. You don’t buy expensive infrastructure. You use only the recovery capacity you need.


Recover fast

Now you can recover critical systems in minutes. Your fail-over systems can be available almost instantly, depending on your needs and budget.

DSM’s DR systems, from Zerto, IBM Mainframe, and other technology providers, continuously replicate your data around the clock.

When disaster strikes, your team can pick up right where they left off.


DR as a Service

DSM will work with you to design a comprehensive recovery plan.

We’ll also partner with your team to create a successful testing regimen so you can be sure the recovery system works when you need it.

In the past, DR systems were sometimes unreliable because they were hard to test before a failure.

But now you can dramatically increase the likelihood of successful recovery by testing often.

Today’s testing methods are automated, easy, and accurate. They ensure that your protections will work as you expect.

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“They saved our business...”

“DSM was integral in being able to actually save our business when we had a fire and our building burned down. We would have lost our business without DSM. They came to our rescue."
Luis Campano, Executive Vice President Jerue

Assess your risks and opportunities

Invite DSM to help assess your risks.

  1. We’ll evaluate the systems and data you would need to recover. We’ll also help you determine how fast you must recover.
  2. Then we’ll help you create an action plan. When you’ve approved the plan, we’ll help you implement it.
  3. Finally, we’ll keep your disaster-recovery services running for you.

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