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Data Protection as a Service

Recover important data soon after a loss

Ready, reliable access to your data is essential to your organization.


That’s why data protection is so critical to the stability of your business.


But protecting your data can be complex. Your data resides in multiple systems, maybe in a multi-cloud environment. Some types of data are less important than others.

  • For archival data, you must satisfy long-term retention requirements.
  • For more current data, you must be able to recover fast enough to avoid interrupting your business.

Different types of data require different data-protection strategies.

Assess your situation

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Your backups often fail.
  • Your backup windows often run into the next day.
  • Your team is managing multiple backup solutions.
  • You’re constantly freeing up backup space.

If so, DSM can help.


Get full protection and fast access

DSM’s goal is to get you as close as possible to recovering important data within minutes. We want you to recover your critical data as fast as your budget allows.

Ideally, you will never have to restore a day or more of data from backups. That should be a last resort.


DSM can protect your data wherever you store it

– on site, off site, in the private or public cloud, or in multi-cloud environments.

We store your current data in a form that makes it fast and easy to recover. You won’t have to go searching for old tapes in offline storage.

Your core business applications will be ready to power on in the event of a disaster or security event. For more on fast recovery from system failures, see DSM’s Disaster Recovery as a Service.


Verify your data recovery capabilities

For confidence, it’s important to test your ability to recover lost data. In the recent past, testing was time consuming and unreliable.

But thanks to new technologies and DSM methods, it's easy for DSM or you to test your ability to recover your data before you need it.

Encrypt your data for ultimate protection

DSM fully encrypts your redundant data to AES 128 standards.

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“They saved our business...”

“DSM was integral in being able to actually save our business when we had a fire and our building burned down. We would have lost our business without DSM. They came to our rescue."
Luis Campano, Executive Vice President Jerue

Let DSM help from start to finish

If you don’t know what kind of data protection services you need or can afford, DSM will help you assess your risks and needs.

  1. We’ll evaluate the systems and data you would need to recover. And we’ll help you determine the recovery solution that best meets your needs.
  2. We’ll propose an optimal solution for your budget.
  3. Then we’ll help you implement it.
  4. And after it’s implemented, we’ll run the solution for you.

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