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    IT Cloud Solutions for Businesses

    Grow your business. Protect your data. Move to the Cloud with Confidence.

    Look to DSM for Comprehensive IT Services

    Make DSM your single source for a full range of services that get you to the cloud and keep your operations humming once you’re there:


    Reliable Infrastructure

    DSM provides a full range of services or all levels of need and sophistication.


    Professional Services

    DSM provides individualized consulting services to help you achieve your business and IT goals.

    DSM’s Suite of Managed and Professional Services Help You Transition to the Cloud.

    Let us free you to focus on your core business: 

    • You can start wherever you want.
    • You can go as far and as fast you like.
    • We will help you automate and orchestrate your IT operations
    • You’ll benefit from sophisticated, cloud-based tools that would be too complex for mid-sized companies to implement without outside help.

    Set up a Free Consultation with a Technology Consultant

    dsm-it-solutions---Let-us-free-you-to-focus-on-your-core business

    IT Constraints? With DSM’s help, You’ll Navigate Around these Obstacles:

    You need your business to be agile

    • Your IT infrastructure must adapt to a fast-changing environment.
      But your team can’t move as fast as you would like.

    You need to scale your systems for company growth

    • But you don’t want to make the investment before it’s necessary.

    Your Capex budgets aren’t growing as fast as the demands on your resources

    • You want to shift more IT costs to Opex.

    You work with diverse systems or technology platforms.

    • You need access the right skills to manage them all.
      But you can’t keep them all on your payroll.

    Your IT headcount is limited.

    • You want access to IT specialists on demand.

    Set up a Free Consultation with a Technology Consultant

    Moving any of Your Corporate IT Operations to the Cloud?


    You’ll want to know how to meet four common needs:

    1. Your IT facilities are in coastal areas, and you want better protection from natural disasters.
    2. You have a mix of legacy technologies and software applications. You want to be confident you’re making the transition in a way that’s right for your company.
    3. You want great flexibility, expert guidance, and reliable operational support.
    4. You want world-class data security and guaranteed system uptime. Your operations may need to comply with any of five key data-security standards

    Set up a Free Consultation with a Technology Consultant


    What To Expect

    With DSM, you can expect consistent steps to help you achieve the results you want:

    Light Bulb

    You participate in discussions to identify your challenges and needs.

    Computer Tablet

    We engage in a joint discovery process so DSM can scope and architect your custom solution.

    Execution Plan

    DSM creates an execution plan that fits your resources and schedules.

    Project Management

    You engage with DSM’s project management team.

    Why companies like yours trust DSM

    You get technical support 24x7x365.

    DSM has more than 15 years of experience offering technology and infrastructure as services (XaaS).

    We are the leading provider of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for the State of Florida.

    Join our happy clients

    DSM serves many clients in, and beyond the State of Florida.

    We are also the top provider of services to Florida state government, through a DSM hosted service called My Florida Cloud.

    Our service-level agreements (or SLAs) offer 99.999% uptime, and we provide telephone service 24x7x365.

    You speak directly to DSM staff. Communication is easy.

    Schedule a free consultation with a DSM expert:

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