Turnkey Backup Solution: What Is It, and Does My Business Need It?

Turnkey Backup Solutions. You may understand theTurnkey solutions term “turnkey”, but below we will go into detail about how it applies to backup solutions, and why your business should implement one.   

First, a couple of definitions. Turnkey solutions are those that you can simply bolt onto your environment and they work on day one. They also require little to no interaction with your IT team from an implementation standpoint. A vendor will install the system and prepare your team for its use, then hand off the metaphorical “keys”, and your business is ready to go. A backup system is a well-known term for any data protection method used to ensure that your critical business data is safe. This system is in place to protect that data from an attack or human error, while also being available for historical reference.

Who Oversees Data Backups?

Backing up data is a must for any IT department. In fact, the sole purpose of many IT departments is to provide access to applications and data. The data portion is a major percentage of that equation because applications can always be reinstalled, while data loss is permanent (without backups).  Most IT professionals have had at least one nightmare over data loss, because it can be a “career-ending event”.  In order to protect business’ data, IT teams will provision complicated hardware and software solutions that are often difficult to implement correctly, and are time consuming to manage. 

Most backup technologies take a backup once per day (at least). So, each day the IT team member in charge of the system must ensure the backups operated correctly, and that everything is “in the green” indicating that the job was successful. If the backups did not function correctly, then backup jobs must be rerun and get re-verified, taking even more time. In many cases it is not the IT professional’s primary responsibility, however it’s one of their most important tasks.

How do Turnkey Backup Solutions Help?

Turnkey Backup Solutions solve many of these issues. They allow an IT team to rely on an outside vendor, who specializes in this technology, to implement and test the backup solution from start to finish. All the hardware and software decisions are pre-determined through a data collection process and interviews. Once these decisions have been made, the vendor is able to construct a custom solution that follows industry best practices, and fits your company’s data protection requirements exactly. All the while, your IT team can focus on the provisioning of apps and data to your customers.

Once the turnkey solution has been designed and implemented, the day-to-day continues to be managed by the reputable vendor chosen. If a backup job fails, the vendor steps in and re-runs the backup job and sends you a report to verify completion. All errors or configuration changes are handled by the vendor as a managed service, meaning you get the time back to run your business instead of focusing on these time-consuming tasks. The only time your IT team would need to touch the backup system is when a restore request comes through. Even then you could forward that request onto the vendor and they should complete it and supply a verification of the results. 

Having a well-functioning backup solution provides peace of mind to IT departments. When monitored and maintained by a certified vendor who specializes in the technology, everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief. It’s a checkbox that all business’ MUST complete; and allowing a backup vendor to install and maintain a turnkey backup solution that you know works, and will handle any potential data loss, is worth its weight in gold.

If you’re ready to implement a turnkey backup solution, or are seeking advice about your IT configuration, reach out. In today’s world where data breaches, natural disasters, and human error can wreak havoc on your business, it’s important to have your business’ critical data protected. As Florida’s predictable cloud provider, we have staff available for any question or concern you may have. A turnkey backup solution could be the exact solution that your business needs.


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