IT Security Review: 7 Key Factors to Consider

Is your IT really secure?

Cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency each year, and ransomware is costing companies millions. Additionally, natural disasters are on the rise, with hurricanes alone costing businesses $200 billion in 2017; and humans, for better or worse, continue to make mistakes that greatly increase enterprise vulnerability. Faced with these alarming statistics, it’s no surprise that one of the top concerns for many organizations, across all industries, is internet security.


The Internet and Security

IT vulnerability assessments play a critical role in protecting your data environment. These IT security reviews are critical when it comes to identifying, understanding, and measuring the effectiveness of your data security and recovery strategies. Download the eBook 7 Key Business Drivers for Assessing the Security of Your IT Environment to learn the following:


1. What they don’t know could hurt you.

Over 30% of workers are not familiar with ransomware, and one in five employees will open a suspicious email. So much for the “human firewall.”


2. A data breach could cost you your business.

While cyber insurance can help offset financial loss after an IT security breach, customers may not be as forgiving.


3. Unplanned downtime is never forgotten.

People forget about 365 days of uptime, but always remember the downtime.

4. Trust is hard to build and easy to lose.

Too many businesses focus on new revenue, putting their long-term clients on the back burner.


5. Assessments extend budgets.

Learn how IT assessments influence IT spending for the betterment of your business.


6. It is not if, but when an IT security incident will occur.

Unless you defy the odds, a hack, error, or natural disaster will happen to you at some point.


7. What gets measured, gets done.

Discover how an IT audit can bring about change by validating that critical needs and tasks have been overlooked—possibly for years.

Download our free eBook to learn more, or if you’d like to talk to an IT security expert about getting a free IT assessment for your organization, contact us today.

7 Key Business Drivers for Assessing the Security of Your IT Environment

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