Cloud Billing Models: Which is Right for Your Organization? [ebook]

Cloud Billing Models [Whitepaper] DSM

Organizations of every size, across all industries, are moving to the cloud. Of course, they’re not all getting there the same way: they are choosing between on-site private clouds, public clouds, virtual private clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. With so many options available, there are bound to be challenges when it comes to billing.

In this informative ebook, we cover each of the following challenges:

  • Capacity. Discover why understanding capacity is key to ensuring you’re not overspending.

  • Lack of transparency. Learn how industry giants like AWS and Azure can confuse organizations.

  • Service level agreements. Find out what makes them so important—and one big secret.

Next, we cover the top three cloud billing models and how they work:

  • Consumption-Based Billing

  • Allocated/Reserved Billing

  • Level/Dedicated Billing

Lastly, we go through the best billing model for each of the following industries:

  • Government & Education

  • Healthcare

  • Commercial

Make sure you get the most for your money and learn which billing model is best for you. Download the ebook Cloud Billing Models: Which is Right for Your Organization? today.

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