Can Public Cloud Providers Hold Your Data Hostage? [eBook]

Can Public Cloud Providers Hold Your Data Hostage | ebook | DSM

Is the popularity of the public cloud waning?

Recently, the tech industry has seen a shift from public clouds to virtual private clouds (VPCs) and hybrid clouds. This movement is called cloud repatriation, and one reason for the move is concern over data tenancy.

While it's easy to move data to the public cloud, getting it out can be another story. Some providers charge exorbitant fees or return data in a worthless format. We call this the "Hotel California" effect:

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

If you’re planning to migrate any of your workloads to or from the public cloud, be sure you understand all the implications by downloading our latest guide: Can Public Cloud Providers Hold Your Data Hostage?

This informative, nine-page eBook delves into each the following topics:

  • Cloud Repatriation: Who’s leaving the public cloud and why?
  • Drivers of Cloud Repatriation: Security, cost, and control
  • Data Gravity: What it is, its pros and cons, and its effect on cloud repatriation
  • Hotel California: Holding your data hostage
  • Egress Charges: A look at fees charged by AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Buyer Beware: How to protect yourself when moving to or from the public cloud

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