Can IT Make Your Organization More Profitable?

Can IT Make Your Organization More ProfitableWhen speaking to IT professionals, many still consider IT a cost center and nothing more than necessary overhead. One of DSM’s goals when speaking to people that believe this is to change their mentality on what an IT Department actually does for a company; and even more importantly, what it can do. This starts with an emphasis on the idea that without IT, there are no profits. IT provides access to critical applications and data that a company needs to generate revenue.  As simple as that sounds, it is a very important piece to any organizations puzzle. Beyond the basics, what can IT departments do to be thought of as revenue generators? 

Make Coworkers More Efficient. 

By implementing faster and more efficient ways to access applications and data, IT departments will enable their coworkers to complete tasks faster and more effectively.  As they say, “time is money” and in most organizations, time is the costliest expense they have. So, if IT is saving an organization in ‘time spent’, not only is it making the company more productive, but also making their money go further. Every minute of productivity gained can be represented by a dollar amount, and that amount can be directly tied to IT.

Get YOUR Time Back. 

Many of the tasks performed by a standard IT operations team are mundane and repetitive; and managing and monitoring backups and Disaster Recovery (DR) applications can be extremely time consuming. These tasks are critical, but shouldn’t take hours out of someone’s day, especially when that resource’s time could be better spent elsewhere. That’s why outsourcing lower level workloads such as Backup and DR are often a client’s first step into the cloud (and because financially, it makes sense). They tend to realize that saving time for their internal IT team benefits the organization by allowing those resources to focus on more business-critical tasks. And, when they partner with a reputable provider, they know that all of their systems are still being protected.

Help Your Company Generate Revenue. 

Now that IT has more time, what else can be done to make it a profit center?  Learn why your customers are buying your products/services, and what could make their experience easier or better. Then ask if there is a way for IT to help. Can they make the product better? Help deliver it faster? Support the customer in a more effective way?  Any of those suggestions -if implemented- can be tied directly to revenue generation.

Revenue and profits stemming from IT can change everything. It can put IT directors and their budgets in a positive light when CFO’s and CEO’s consider how the budget is handled for the year. When IT can recognize its own revenue, an organization’s product portfolio can shift to more technical and IT-focused solutions, knowing that the internal support is there to make it happen.

Ultimately, you want your IT team fully utilized and happy. To achieve this, it may make sense for your organization to hire a cloud provider. A reputable provider will partner with you to ensure that your organizational needs are met, and your IT team can focus their attention on growing your business.

DSM, Florida’s preferred cloud provider, is here to help. If you’re interested in finding out how we can make your IT team more effective, reach out; we’ll be here.

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