4 Cloud and IT Podcasts You Should Be Following

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Those involved in enterprise technologies understand the need (and challenge) to find ways to stay informed on the ever-changing world of cloud computing in which they’re immersed. One solution? A good podcast!

Podcasts can be easily digested while you’re commuting to work, exercising, or just kicking back in your favorite chair. Best of all, new podcasts arrive automatically on your device as soon as they are available. No effort required: Just listen, learn, and enjoy.

To save you a little time, here are some popular podcasts and resources focused on cloud computing.

Cloud Unfiltered

Offered via SoundCloud, Cloud Unfiltered offers a series of interviews with people involved in cloud technology. You’ll hear from people all over the industry, such as: software engineers, open source project leads, IT executives, and cloud end-users, with most episodes lasting between 30-40 minutes. The scope is broad, and the topics varied, with subject-matter ranging from architecture to culture. This site has also taken the time to put together collections of podcasts in the form of playlists. If you’re looking for the “Most Popular Episodes” or “Cloud Strategy & Culture” shows, they have all been plucked out and placed into a convenient group for you.

Doppler Cloud Computing Podcast

Produced by Cloud Technology Partners, this podcast releases new episodes weekly. Promoting itself as “all things cloud,” this podcast explores just about every current topic in cloud computing. Presenting material that features “what’s new and what’s working” with “expert guests who provide the advice you need,” you’ll hear from people ranging from Vanguard’s CTO, to Google Cloud’s CEO—offering an interesting buffet of topics from which to choose. What distinguishes this podcast from many others is how neatly it’s indexed to help you navigate past podcasts—anything from cloud adoption to machine learning. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of podcast topics, you can find it all with Doppler, available through iTunes.

Security Now

Hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte, this podcast records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm EST. Many know Steve Gibson as a software engineer, researcher, and IT security guru—getting his start at Stanford University’s artificial intelligence lab when he was only fifteen. A renowned security analyst, Gibson created OptOut, one of the first adware removal programs, among dozens of utilities created by his company GRC to aid in security. Following a rich career in the software and programming industry, Gibson began podcasting Security Now in 2005 with the founder of Twit TV, Leo Laporte. As the security of data and infrastructure are of paramount concern to companies working in the cloud, this podcast is worth subscribing to.

Player FM Podcasts

Nearly boasting a perfect five-star rating in the app store, the Player FM app and desktop site have done a commendable job of indexing and tagging podcasts from all over the country. The site allows you to search by keywords and tags to find the collection of podcasts you wish to subscribe to. Their “Cloud IT Podcasts” category lists podcasts that cover topics such as app engines, big query, digital transformation, open source, enterprise solutions, VMware, and architectures to name but a few.

As the number of smartphone users continues to increase, the number of people listening to podcasts also grows. Today, 50% of US homes are fans of podcasting, and over 44% of the population listens to the rapidly expanding medium. With over 525,000 active shows, and 18.5 million episodes collectively, it can be a challenge to find those that really stand out. This list of podcast resources can keep you current in the ever-evolving world of cloud computing. Prefer reading up on the latest in cloud computing? Be sure to subscribe to DSM for weekly blog stories, as well as our new Data in Distress resource, covering the latest data breaches and cyberattacks as they happen!

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