10 Cloud and IT Blogs You Should Be Following

Top 10 Cloud Computing BlogsThere is no shortage of questions about the cloud, so it’s no surprise that there are countless books, podcasts, and blogs covering the topic. We’ve offered up Five Must-Read Books on Cloud Computing to get you started in the past, and recently covered cloud and IT podcasts you should be following. To complete our trifecta of all things cloud, here are 10 cloud-based blogs you should also be following.

The Cloudcast

ABOUT: Not content to merely blog, this site also offers podcasts on a variety of topics. Either way, interacting is very easy to do; you can read summaries of the topics being covered; the links to websites, sponsors, and contacts mentioned during the show; and offer your own feedback via email or Twitter. Labels, or tags, are also provided for easily jumping to similar topics covered in previous Cloudcast blogs. Lastly, get the details and listen to the entire post or interview by listening to it with controls built right into the site.

FANS: 134K Facebook followers; 3,398 Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Cloud-Native and DevOps Look Toward 2019; CI/CD and Drone, DevOps and OpenStack on TheCUBE at OpenStack Summit

Reddit Cloud Computing

ABOUT: The ubiquitous Reddit offers its own blog posts for keeping you up-to-date on cloud topics for the everyman. Many blog posts begin with a question posted from users worldwide, and experts (and the general public) weigh in. You know you’re in a good thread, however, when guest speakers such as astronaut Chris Hadfield are orbiting our planet, yet still have something to say.  

FANS: 7.4K Facebook followers; 497K Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Hybrid Cloud, The AKS vs GKE Security Showdown, Devices on the Cloud

Cloud Computing Magazine

ABOUT: This site looks more like an online news magazine, appealing to those of us who still like flipping pages. It is filled with relevant topics related to technology in general and the cloud specifically. The magazine is a frequent publisher, with up to 13 articles per week being delivered to thousands of readers.

FANS: 596 Facebook followers; 5,903 Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Making Sure Businesses Can Function in the Cloud Era, Cloud Growth and Cloud Waste


ABOUT: In addition to blog posts that sport diagrams and images that’ll catch your eye—and make learning easier—this blog offers the option to post comments, good or bad, and opens them up for discussion by fellow subscribers. It’s a great way to get advice, but always take it with a grain of salt! 

FANS: 247 Facebook followers; 365 Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: The Best Writing Software 2019: Quill & Ink for the New Age, VPN Protocol Breakdown, DreamHost vs Bluehost: Finding the Best Web Host in 2019

IEEE Cloud Computer

ABOUT: For those that are too busy to read daily, or multiple posts per day, this blog posts just about one per month—when they do, take note. The site also offers informational abstracts in a PDF file format (great for viewing or keeping). Since 2014, readers have downloaded these abstracts over 1,000 times, speaking to the utility of the site.

FANS: 393K Facebook followers; 46K Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Re-engineering Cloud Data Centers, A Voice in the Cloud, Realizing Edge Marketplaces: Challenges and Opportunities.

ITworld Cloud Computing

ABOUT: This blog publishes every day—get your IT fix while your Keurig  gives you a caffeine fix! The posts cover a variety of topics, and are comprehensive in scope, with links to associate website or related topics if you want to dive further.  

FANS: 19K Facebook followers; 35K Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Tech World’s Best CEO?, TBM Success Stories, What is Kubernetes?.


ABOUT: This site hails from London and aims to “assist IT professionals to navigate an increasingly cluttered information landscape” with articles published about twice a week. Really, you can’t go wrong!

FANS: 2,788 Facebook followers; 14K Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Best Free Project Management Tools, Cloud Computing Trends for 2019, Conde Nast Embraces Chaos Engineering with PagerDuty

CIO Dive >> Cloud Computing

ABOUT: Readers can count on about six posts per week here, and it’s probably one of the cleanest interfaces to work with and select blog articles to read about. Like some blogs, this site offers the ability to have their newsletter delivered straight to your inbox if you wish. Besides the technical articles, it also offers an entire page of op-ed pieces that some readers may find of interest: The Top 3 Things CIOs Lose Sleep Over, being one of them!

FANS: 827 Facebook followers; 2,519 Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Wells Fargo Fills New Head of Technology Position to Lead CTO, CISO; 38% of Tech Workers Hurt by H-1B Premium Processing Changes

Compare the Cloud

ABOUT: In their own words, Compare the Cloud is “one of the most active and extensive cloud blogs available,” An eclectic collection of writers from the cloud industry have helped this blog blossom, reaching over 12 million cloud technology consumers every week.

FANS: 265 Facebook followers; 24K Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Being Successful in Cyber Security, Digital Transformation: Lost in Translation?, Why is Everyone Talking about VPNs?

The Diversity Blog

ABOUT: Authored by Ben Kepes, a “technology evangelist, investor, commentator, and business advisory,” this blog focuses a lot on the analysis of cloud-related news. In addition, it provides commentary on new business software. There are hundreds of articles to read, which Ben often updates multiple times a day!

FANS: 883 Facebook followers; 25K Twitter followers

RECENT STORIES: Quick Bites--About Authenticity and Karma in Business, 2018-My Running Year, Democratizing Digital with HelloWorks New Things

There you have it. Read the books, listen to the podcasts, and follow these blogs, and you’ll remain on top of your IT game! Of course, don’t forget to follow DSM’s own weekly blog stories, as well as our new Data in Distress resource, covering the latest data breaches and cyberattacks as they happen!

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