How healthy are your IT operations?

Eliminate IT from your list of worries.

With DSM’s IT Health Assessment, check your fitness in 4 key areas:

  • Security
  • Operations
  • Availability
  • Recovery

Expose hidden risks.
Find opportunities to remediate and improve

For less than the cost of a mid-priced laptop, get a second opinion on the state of your IT health

What it is

This IT Health Assessment offers a systematic, thorough evaluation of your IT operations.

By analogy, it’s much more detailed than an annual checkup you would get in your doctor’s office.

It’s also much less thorough than a deep and comprehensive diagnostic workup at the Mayo Clinic.

If you think you need a more detailed assessment, DSM can also provide it.


Who benefits

Owners, shareholders and executives: You get a clear, fact-based, independent summary of potential threats, risks, and opportunities. You also receive a list of recommended action items, ranked by urgency and relative cost.

IT organizations: You have online access to detailed findings. The details help justify recommended expenditures.

Ensure the security and efficiency of systems and operations

We will not share your information with anybody, period.

What you get

With the DSM IT Health Assessment you receive:

  • A detailed assessment of 4 important elements of your IT health:

    • Security. Are your data and systems properly protected against potential loss, tampering, theft, and other such risks?
    • Operations. Are your IT operations run efficiently and effectively? Is your warranty protection up to date? Are you current in your management of software patches and upgrades?
    • Availability. Are your systems consistently available to the people who use them? Do you provide the expected level of service?
    • Recovery. If a disaster or other cause were to make your systems unavailable, how fast could you recover? How much data do you risk losing?
  • A custom, executive-level presentation of findings and recommendations. 
    The presentation presents the content of about 20 slide images. You receive a copy as a PowerPoint or PDF file.

  • Access to detailed technical findings on demand.
    Your IT staff can dig into as much detail as they like.

How it works

By completing and forwarding the form to your right, you put in motion a series of activities:

  1. Initial discussion. A DSM representative contacts you by phone or email for a brief initial discussion. This occurs within 2 business days. We review the process, discuss the fees, and seek your approval to move forward.

    You schedule time for a brief kickoff phone call. Your initial discussion takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. Kickoff phone call. A DSM solution engineer or systems engineer asks high-level questions about your IT operations. You also discuss next steps, timing, and fees.

    You schedule an on-site assessment to gather more detailed information. Your kickoff call takes 20 to 30 minutes.

  3. On-site assessment. In your IT operations center, a DSM engineer asks more detailed questions.

    The engineer uses diagnostic tools to evaluate such factors as infrastructure, network, operating systems, software versions, current warranty coverage, and so on.

    The total assessment takes about 3 hours of our engineer’s time, but it requires only 1 hour of your staff time.

    You and a project manager then schedule time for a presentation of findings. The presentation occurs about a week later.

  4. Evaluation of data. The DSM engineer returns to DSM’s offices with the information you’ve shared. DSM’s engineering team reviews the information, validates findings, and prepares a report.

    This process normally takes about a week. On completion, a DSM project manager contacts you to set up an appointment to present findings and recommendations.

  5. Presentation and discussion. DSM engineer returns to your offices to present findings and recommendations. You receive a copy of the presentation, which consists of about 20 summary-level slides.

    You also receive online access to detailed results of the diagnostics. The presentation and discussion session takes about an hour. It may run longer, depending on the number of questions you ask.

What to do now

To begin your process, simply provide your information in the form at right.

Answers to your likely questions

Who is DSM?
Who at DSM will conduct the assessment?
How soon will we have our results?
How much staff time will it take?
How much does it cost?
Who on our staff should be involved?
How soon can I have my report?

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