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DSM Enhances IT Infrastructure of Florida Law Firm Hill and Ponton

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FEMA Flood Zones

Is your data—or data center—in danger?

FEMA has released new flood zone maps for Florida, affecting areas within 67 Hillsborough and Pinellas County cities previously considered safe. Businesses housing their own data or partnered with a third-party data center in these zones are now on high alert, especially with FEMA reporting that approximately 50% of small businesses never reopen following a disaster.


Following the 3-2-1 Rule

Businesses with on-premise data located in flood zones should now follow the 3-2-1 rule of data backup. The rule states that businesses should maintain:

  • 3 total copies of data
  • 2 copies within independent storage mediums
  • 1 copy offsite or in the cloud

Read more about the 3-2-1 rule.

Companies without a secondary company-owned site may already be housing data in the cloud through a third-party data center located nearby; unfortunately, they may still not be in the clear.

Choosing a Safe Data Center

Data centers located in Hillsborough or Pinellas counties may have once been able to boast that they were located outside of flood zones, but this may no longer be true based upon their base flood elevation (BFE) as determined by FEMA. The map highlights data centers now in FEMA danger zones.

If these data centers are not geo-diverse, meaning they do not have locations in other cities that they can quickly move data to in the event of a disaster, loss of data could be just one storm away.


DSM Data Centers Has Florida Covered

With flood zones changing and hurricane season approaching, we know that many organizations are concerned about their data—and we’re here to help.

For organizations already using on-premise data management software such as Veeam, Zerto, or Commvault, you can also get physical and virtual backups offsite through DSM—without the cost or complexity of building and maintaining offsite infrastructure. If you’re located in the Sunshine State but preparing for the storms ahead, contact the experts at DSM today.

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