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DSM Enhances IT Infrastructure of Florida Law Firm Hill and Ponton

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Advantages of Customized & Bundled Cloud Computing Services for Florida Government Organizations

Cloud computing is the future for government agencies—but as the government sector rapidly utilizes the benefits of cloud storage, they must balance their budget with strident security measures and technical features. Have you considered what a cloud migration can do for your organization? DSM has the solutions for you.

Optimizing a path for your journey to the cloud that is both economically viable and safe is DSM’s primary objective. Since government organizations have varying needs, DSM’s services range from customizable cloud migration journeys for cost-efficient budgets, to easy-to- consume bundled cloud computing services. These options allow for your government organization to have the most effective migration to the cloud - without compromising your budget or business priorities!


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Customize Your Cloud Migration

Minimize the financial and operational risks associated with a complete, one-time migration to the cloud with DSM’s bundled options. Any of DSM’s bundled elements can be selected individually to completely customize your cloud migration to fit your unique needs; providing the best cloud migration solution for cheaper, better, faster, and smarter than you ever thought possible.


  • Dedicated hardware
  • Web-based portal
  • Command & Control Flexible


  • Self-service
  • Ease of Use Scalability
  • Speed & Agility
  • Pay As You Go / On-Demand
  • Access Control

Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS)

  • Offsite Replication
  • Automated Backups
  • Long-term Archive
  • Self-Service Recovery
  • (VM / Data File / Guest Files)
  • Office 365

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Near real-time RPO/RTO
  • Fail-over Automation
  • Continuous Replication
  • Smart Console Access


  • Move On-premise Applications and Infrastructure to a Dedicated Government Data Center

Managed Cloud Computing Services

Designed for the Needs of Florida Government Organizations

As Florida’s preferred cloud provider, DSM can support your journey to the cloud with our convenient, cost-effective bundled services so you can experience the cloud cheaper, better, faster, and smarter than ever before. The bundle includes a fully managed cloud suite that includes production workload, DPaaS, and DRaaS for ultimate integration.

Additionally, DSM allows you to bundle on a consumption basis of what you need, so you can receive the results you’re looking for while sticking to the budget you’re working with. Plus, it’s all scalable - so you can adjust if and when your needs change. Support your organization's need for long-term flexibility and reliability with our cloud solutions that result in an operationally and financially safe cloud journey for your organization.

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Leverage the best of local and public clouds to experience:

  • Peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is highly available and highly secure
  • Consumption-based cloud pricing with industry-leading level cloud billing available
  • Minimized capital expense (CapEx) spend
  • Faster cloud migration times and a shortened learning curve
  • Potentially reduced egress fees on ExpressRoute
  • DSM is a Florida first vendor – keeping the appropriate data in Florida

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