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Find Out How Healthy Your IT Infrastructure is Today! 

Our IT Health Assessment offers a systematic, thorough evaluation of your IT operations.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Expose hidden risks and discover opportunities for improvement

Who benefits

Owners, shareholders and executives: You get a clear, fact-based, independent summary of potential threats, risks, and opportunities. You also receive a list of recommended action items, ranked by urgency and relative cost.

IT organizations: You have online access to detailed findings. The details help justify recommended expenditures.

What You Get

A detailed assessment of 4 important elements of your IT health. 

A custom, executive-level presentation of findings and recommendation including 20 slides as a powerpoint or pdf file. 

Access to detailed technical findings on demand. Your IT staff can dig into as much detail as they like. 

Start Your Health Assessment Today!

Eliminate IT from Your List of Worries

With DSM's IT Health Assessment you can check your fitness in 4 key areas:


Are your data and systems properly protected against potential loss, tampering, theft, and other such risks?


Are your IT operations running efficiently and effectively? Is your warranty protection up to date? Are you current in your management of software patches and upgrades?


Are your systems consistently available to the people who use them? Do you provide the expected level of service?


Are you able to recover quickly in the event of a disaster?

IT Health Assessment Graphic

How it Works!

By starting the assessment you put in motion a series of activities and next steps as follows: