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DSM’s Demo & Tools

It’s always smart to “try before you buy”—so we’re letting you do just that. Our vCD demo lets you test-drive our cloud at no cost for three days.

Our cost calculator crunches the numbers to determine whether a cloud or an on-premise solution is best for you, while our downtime calculator reveals the true cost of going dark.

Cloud Solutions vs Physical Infrastructure Calculator

Personalized Data Infrastructure Calculator

Thinking about expanding your infrastructure on-premise or colocating? Or maybe you’re contemplating a move to the cloud. Whatever the case, our new calculator crunches the numbers and generates a Free report to let you know what makes the most sense from a financial standpoint.

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vCD Demo

Curious about DSM’s VMware cloud? We’ll give you 72-hours of unlimited access to test its performance at no cost, with no obligation. You’ll even have access to our engineering experts for help.

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RTO and RPO Downtime Calculator

Downtime can cost an organization big time! Answer a few questions about your current data storage model and our calculator will reveal how much an outage or cyberattack could cost you.

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