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Get FREE expert help in mapping your company’s best path to the Cloud

  • Custom Cloud Roadmap Report tailored to you by a Solution Architect

  • Free of charge for a limited time - (a $1,000 value)

  • 3-week lead time for businesses in Florida*

Your Roadmap Report will answer 3 key questions:


Can it help your business goals?

Does the Cloud offer attractive ways to achieve your company’s business goals?





Cloud configuration recommendations

What configuration of cloud services should you consider?


What's your optimal path to the cloud?

What choices are best for your company, considering your business goals, workloads, budget, infrastructure, security requirements, compliance, risk factors, timing, capacity, and capabilities?.

DSM_Staff_David_Robinson.png"If you are thinking of leveraging the cloud, starting with a solid roadmap is a smart, first step."
David RobinsonFounder & CEO, DSM

Your report will include:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Review of your current situation. A statement of your business goals and challenges. It summarizes your current environment.
  3. Suggested future state. Your expected outcomes and success criteria.
  4. Budgetary expectations. How much should you spend to get optimal results.
  5. Implementation roadmap. a high-level plan of progression, with suggested next steps.

What happens after you fill the form request?

  1. Complete your cloud readiness assessment questionnaire.
    After filling the form you will need to complete an online questionnaire of about 20 simple questions. It will take you 10 to 20 minutes to complete it. You' will have a link so you can complete this at a later time, but filling your form now will lock your spot in the queue.

  2. Review your responses with a DSM solution architect.
    Within 2 working days our solution architect will contact you by phone or email. You schedule a discovery conversation. You and the solution architect will review your responses to the questionnaire. You will discuss your business goals, infrastructure, staffing, timelines, budgets, capabilities, security requirements, compliance needs, etc.

  3. Your cloud roadmap presentation.
    The DSM solution architect will contact you in about 2 weeks to schedule a 1-hour teleconference involving you, your senior IT leadership, and DSM. During this teleconference, the solution architect will walk you through your roadmap. This will be more a discussion than a presentation. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

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*At times, demand for this service may exceed our capacity. If that happens, your report may take more than 3 weeks to deliver. We’ll let you know immediately if we’re backed up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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