LAKELAND, Fla., Dec. 20, 2017 -- DSM, one of Florida's largest private cloud providers, has announced today that they have officially launched a brand new multi-cloud-capable control panel and Cloud Suite of services called Miruma.   In several languages, "Miruma" means "peace of mind", which is the goal for all of DSM's clients.

Miruma is a suite of cloud services comprised of several different products.  They include Miruma Protect (for backup, disaster recovery and security), Miruma M-Cloud (a multi-cloud-capable control panel, single pane of glass and virtual private cloud), and Miruma Workspace (a revolutionary virtual desktop and VDI platform).

"We're incredibly proud of our control panel and virtual private cloud," said Frankie Majowich, Director, Product Management. "We see our clients increasingly wanting a single-pane of glass to view their cloud world and are committed to making that easier and easier to do."

Miruma is not only a product, but a philosophy (peace of mind) that has been a core part of DSM for the past 30+ years.

"Miruma is the next step of DSM's evolution, with a cutting-edge component," said Kelly Begeny, Director of Channel & Product Marketing.  "It's taking what we do best and putting it into a suite of cloud services that is both easy to use and reliable, and allows our clients to know that their mission-critical data will always be available."

Miruma is the first control panel and cloud suite of its kind that can take the guesswork out for clients, who might otherwise have to spend precious time piecing together products from other vendors and continually manage them, and ensures a comprehensive management and infrastructure availability approach.

Miruma M-Cloud has been in private beta for some time, and by most conservative estimates is already Florida's largest VPC, powering services for more than 15 state agencies and a track-record of near 100% uptime. With over 30 years of technology experience, M-Cloud is certified compliant with CJIS, SSAE16, SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA standards with an inland datacenter network and 99.99+% uptime, and clients receive 24 x 7 x 365 support. To learn more, visit