TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 30, 2017-- DSM kicked-off an enhanced partner program this fall, designed to enable software-as-a-service companies that are hungry for uptime & performance. The new program is engineered from the ground up to support and scale rapid growth for enterprise and government clients. 

Today, DSM announced that the new program has picked-up a headliner: Inzata, a high-performance, big-data analytics software platform that provides near-real-time performance on enterprise-scale datasets. Inzata's revolutionary, patented analytics engine outperforms other solutions and offers high resource efficiency on cost-effective and scalable infrastructure. 

Inzata selected DSM's virtual private cloud solution, Miruma mCloud, for the speed of the platform and its resiliency and up-time.  

"We evaluated a host of other cloud providers, and leveraging DSM was a clear-choice," said Chris Rafter, COO for Inzata. "When we saw that our analytics platform ran 10x faster than HP's Vertica and 5x faster than Amazon's Redshift on DSM's mCloud, we were blown away."

In a test of over 6TB of data, 60 million members, and over 6+ billion records, test results consistently outperformed other public cloud solutions such as HP's Vertica and Amazon's public cloud offerings.

"DSM's mCloud gives us the best flexibility and cost-management by being able to offer Inzata every flavor of cloud. They have offerings ranging from virtual private cloud with dedicated hardware, to multitenant private cloud, to public cloud infrastructures like AWS for temporary workloads, all managed with a single pane of glass," said Rafter. "This lets us tailor our offering to every size and shape of client."

"We are thrilled to power Inzata for their virtual private cloud offering and scale it for new clients with our partner program," said Russ Riley, VP Sales for DSM.  "Inzata is truly doing revolutionary things around data analytics, and supporting next-generation software companies is what we're all about."

DSM's virtual private mCloud is Florida's largest, powering more than 15 state agencies and a track-record of near 100% uptime.  DSM is a cloud solutions company that offers both private and public cloud builds, however, when Inzata set the metrics for their needs, building a revolutionary virtual private cloud was the obvious choice for the compliance, reliability, and speed needs. 

Inzata offers enterprise scale analytics performance at much lower costs than other enterprise analytics solutions and can analyze large datasets and get results in seconds. It also empowers people to ask and get answers to complex questions without requiring them to master querying languages, statistical modeling, or the command line. It's truly an eco-system for immersive, interactive human-driven, machine-assisted analysis.

About Inzata:

Inzata is a powerful, revolutionary data analytics platform for integrating, exploring, and analyzing data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale. Inzata's powerful AI-Assisted data modeling and patented analytics engine help users quickly load, blend and model raw and unstructured data into powerful analytics dashboards and engaging visualizations. Inzata is the first platform to support comprehensive data monetization for businesses. Featuring numerous data enrichments from its Object Marketplace, Inzata is the ideal platform for turning passive data assets into highly-marketable analytics and profitable revenue streams.

About DSM:

With over 30 years of technology experience, DSM redefines client's business outcomes that they consider possible from their IT infrastructure. Clients are confident and inspired as a result of taking this "Cloud" journey together with DSM.  Their business growth is enabled by DSM's amazingly flexible, secure and reliable cloud solutions. DSM is certified compliant with CJIS, SSAE16, SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA standards with an inland datacenter network and 99.999% uptime, and clients receive 24 x 7 x 365 support. To learn more, visit www.dsm.net.