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Reliable Infrastructure



A private cloud designed for you, managed by a state-of-the-art control panel.


Virtual Private Cloud

Get a VMware-based cloud through our secure data centers. You use this service like a utility. You pay only for what you consume.


Hybrid Cloud

We help you manage applications that span multiple clouds and we help you make use of the optimal cloud technologies.


Public Cloud

If you have workloads that can run cost-effectively in the public cloud, you may benefit from low-cost public cloud services available.



Use as much infrastructure as you need. Pay for only as much as you use. Easily expand as you need more capacity. Take advantage of private, virtual private, or public cloud. Or use a hybrid approach.

Managed Solutions


Managed IT Services

Rely on our expert team to run your daily operations Achieve predictable, SLA-driven results.


Data Protection as a Service

Backup and restore data crucial to your business. DSM protects your data wherever you store it: on-site, off-site, in the private or public cloud, or in multi-cloud environments. For systems of all sizes, DSM ensures ready, reliable access to your essential data.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our cloud recovery services enable you to quickly recover critical business applications following a disaster that causes partial or total loss of your primary production site. DSM runs your disaster-recovery services, continuously replicating your data around the clock. Achieve even the most aggressive RPO and RTO.  


Security as a Service

Keep your data out of the wrong hands. Protect your IP. Control and monitor access. Ensure that your operations comply with HIPAA, CJIS, PCI, SOC, and other exacting standards.

Professional Services


Cloud Strategy

Plan your migration to the Cloud. Move with minimal disruption to your operations.



Leverage our skilled resources to help you achieve business objectives while driving cost-effective, scalable IT solutions.



Use our turnkey services for successful execution, on time and on budget.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
“DSM has always been very responsive to our needs and has brought innovative ideas to the table. We have been very pleased with the company and service we have received. They have always been responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Craig W. Vollertsen, Chief Technology Officer Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Comprehensive IT services for people who have too much on their plate

All IT organizations must cope with an ever-increasing flow of new technology.
You have more data and more diverse systems to manage.

Are you expected to achieve more, even as your budget and headcount shrink?

Do you ever feel that the harder you work, the further behind you get?

  • You are challenged to scale your IT operation with the growth of your organization.
  • You can’t hire enough people to get ahead of expectations.
  • You can’t always expand, maintain, or replace your infrastructure when it’s needed.
  • You can’t do everything you should to keep your applications running smoothly.
That’s where DSM can help.
Share your IT concerns. Talk to us.
Comprehensive IT Services

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