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Peace of Mind With Your Technology.

DSM takes a wholistic approach to data availability through its Canopy Managed Services offering, Data Protection suite, and Disaster Recovery platform (among others), to ensure business continuity for clients, and keep systems operational in a highly available/scalable platform, providing enterprise-level results while maintaining a personalized experience.

Our Technology Partners

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Bundled & Customized Cloud Solutions

Our Fully Managed Services For Cloud Migration

Every successful industry leader has a solid cloud infrastructure—so make sure you don’t get left behind! Facilitating the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective path to the cloud is DSM’s primary objective. With our unique cloud solutions, we can provide an operationally and financially safe migration so you can experience all the benefits of the cloud from one easy-to-use solution for a cheaper, better, faster, and smarter cloud than ever before.

  • Commercial
  • Commercial Cloud Solutions

    DSM’s customized and bundled cloud solutions eliminate the uncertainty many businesses face when considering cloud migration, as well as shortens implementation time and allows limited resources to stay allocated towards business priorities. Receive DSM’s managed Private Cloud, Microsoft Azure’s managed cloud, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery for a cost-effective, easy-to-consume solution with minimal risk!

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  • CJIS
  • CJIS Compliant Cloud Solutions

    DSM’s CJIS cloud offerings provide a budget-friendly solution for government agencies looking for cloud storage providers with the most heightened security, and that adheres to compliance requirements. This solution combines DSM’s local CJIS private cloud and Microsoft Azure’s CJIS cloud to achieve maximum results with minimum up-front investment and risk.

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  • Government
  • Government Cloud Solutions

    DSM’s government cloud solution combines our in-state private cloud with Microsoft Azure’s cloud. As Florida’s preferred cloud provider, we empower government agencies to be more cost-effective, while maximizing results and following the strident security and technical features required!

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    What People are Saying about DSM

    "Excellent service and support. Your sales team have been helpful to workout cost effective solutions for us."

    -Juan M.

    Gov- FL Sheriff Office

    "No one is perfect. DSM provides knowledgeable staff and support for my organization. They help schedule tasks and bring experience."

    -Toby B. 

    Commercial- Industrial

    "Daniel was great to work with and he was able to figure out a solution to our panic situation. Yay!!! You all are fantastic. I look forward to working with you again on a new back up system."

    -Bonnie L.

    Commercial- Graphic Design

    "Excellent service. They have never let us down."

    - Tom H. 


    "Because the last issue I encountered, Tim Messing was extremely helpful and diligent. He made himself available when needed and followed up timely. This guy is a very good asset for your company."

    -Jeffrey H.

    Commercial- Restaurant

    "Have always been top-notch with service."

    -Eric T. 

    Gov- FL State Attorney's Office

    "Thought is was appropriate. You have lost some really good techs over the years that we really enjoyed working with and had to rebuild the trust due to turnover."

    -Eric T. 

    Gov- Florida State's Attorney Office

    "Prompt, excellent service as usual. Thank you Connohor and team."

    -Marisa C. 

    Commercial- Food Production

    Great service, setup was great, product is great so far, I’m 100% satisfied at this point.

    -Steve D. 

    Gov- Florida State's Attorney Office

    "My experience with DSM was very beneficial to our environment and they have a unique talent for presenting solutions that speak to our staff and upper management in a clear and concise manner. Making requests for assistance easier to process."

    - David C. 

    Gov- FL County Clerk